Monday, 27 December 2010

BBM Dozen: Music To Uplift You in 2011

During British Black Music Month in June 2010, Toyin at Nyansapo Radio requested my top 12 "militant tunes". I put this list together, drawn exclusively from the British black music canon, which I hope will minister to you, uplift and encourage you:

1. Gabrielle 'Ten Years On' - we have to plan, think, reflect sometimes - it's NOT always ACTION straight-away

2. Soul II Soul 'Keep On Moving' - we sometimes need exhortation, encouragement to move on and up

3. Young Disciples 'Apparently Nothing' - the funkiness of the groove and sweet sound of Carleen Anderson's vocals belie the deep socio and political critique of the song

4. HKB Finn 'Don't Give Up The Fight (Sisters)' - the title is self explanatory

5. McKoy 'Fight' - conscious, uplifting soul music

6. Aswad 'Back To Africa' - articulating the 1970s experience of the disenfranchised African youths and looking to Africa and Rasta

7. Aswad 'Three Babylon' - a telling view of the police from disenfranchised African youths

8. Steel Pulse 'Ku Klux Klan' - it's about racism here in the UK, not in America's Deep South

9. Bashy 'Black Boys' - a young African turning things around by focusing on positives and bigging up fellow African youths

10. Des'ree 'I Ain't Movin'' - enough said

11. Eddy Grant 'Give Me Hope Jo'Anna' - rare crossover political song!

12. Labi Siffre '(Something Inside) So Strong' - The more you refuse to hear my voice, the louder I will sing - enough said!

Black Music Congress (BMC)

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