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What Are We Actually Commemorating? The 1807 Act Did NOT Abolish Slavery!

March 26 2007



· On March 25 2007 Britain officially commemorated the bi-centenary anniversary of the Abolition Of The Slave TRADE Act of 1807

· The William Wilberforce biopic ‘Amazing Grace’ is now on general release nation-wide

But what are we actually commemorating?

Was slavery abolished in 1807? NO

Were the slaves set free from 1807? NO

Were children born after the Act born free? NO

Are we highlighting the suffering of the slaves? YES

Are we highlighting the inhumanity of the enslavers? NO

2007 is NOT 200 years since the abolition of slavery*

A number of African organisations in Britain have argued that 1807 was of no particular significance to Africans. This is because although the Abolition of the Slave Trade Act abolished the British trans-Atlantic trafficking of Africans to the ‘new world’, it did not emancipate enslaved Africans.

Those in the 'new world' remained enslaved, and continued to endure the horrors and cruelties of slavery. Children born to them increased the numbers of enslaved Africans, and they could still be ‘sold’ and separated from their families. In addition, Africans living in Britain who had bought their freedom still run the risk of being kidnapped and sent to the new world as 'slaves'.

*The abolition of Slavery Act was not passed until 1833, and even then not all Africans were emancipated. Those over the age of six remained part free and part slave for a further four years!

· For most enslaved Africans, emancipation did not come until after 1837

· The slave ‘owners’ received £20 million in compensation. The enslaved Africans had to work partly free to ‘buy’ their freedom

So search your heart and mind, then answer these two questions: What are we commemorating in 2007? Who are we commemorating in 2007?

In 2007 we have easy access to the truth. For the sake of humanity, please circulate the truth. We owe it to ourselves to acquaint ourselves with the truth, and leave the spin and misinformation for inconsequential issues.


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